Takeout Station — For Restaurants

Looking to grow your business by selling to customers you can’t easily reach, massively increase order frequency, and serve people even when you’re closed?

Want to win new customers in apartment and office buildings, on college campuses, in factories, hospitals, airports, train stations, and more?

Seeking to promote your brand by advertising 24/7 before a captive audience?

Hoping to avoid low-margin delivery orders, and not cannibalize your regular business?

Trying to reduce risk and capital expenditure?

Searching for an easy, affordable way to serve customers off-premises?

Takeout Station™ kiosks are unmanned, self-contained robotic restaurants-in-a-box that prepare hot, ready-to-eat meals.

They allow restaurants to serve freshly-made meals in 100s of locations—piggybacking on existing real estate to reach people where they already are—and with no additional labor or CapEx.

Takeout Station™ kiosks put great, affordable food and contactless dining at the fingertips of restaurant customers, massively boosting order frequency and profits through non-cannibalizing, 24/7 sales and brand promotion.

Sounds amazing? It’s even better: Now Cuisine’s technology is ultra-sanitary, and provides unmatched ingredient freshness, variety, and safety.

The revolutionary Now Cuisine™ food kiosk service is being offered to select restaurant partners, enabling unprecedented new capabilities in the vending of food, snacks, and beverages.

NOW is the time for a better off-premises solution. Learn how you can get a Takeout Station™ robotic restaurant working overtime to build your business!

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Rendering of Takeout Station