Takeout Station — For Locations

Wouldn't it be great to have fresh, affordable, restaurant-quality meals, custom made to order in minutes, without leaving your building?

Takeout Station™ kiosks are unmanned, self-contained robotic restaurants-in-a-box that prepare hot, ready-to-eat meals.

Why spend a fortune and wait forever for restaurant delivery, when you can enjoy a variety of delicious, healthful recipes from popular brands, 24/7?

Example Locations

Why property managers love Takeout Stations

  • Fantastic high-end amenity that sets their property apart from the competition
  • Unmanned and fully automated
  • Put it anywhere – Roughly the size of many vending machines
  • All ingredient restocking and machine maintenance provided by Now Cuisine and its partners

Why employers love Takeout Stations

  • Increase employee productivity (fewer lunch breaks)
  • Boost staff health and wellness (far better than vending machine snacks)
  • Great employee perk, helping recruitment and retention

Why tenants and employees love Takeout Stations

  • Affordably-priced, high-quality personalized gourmet meals at one’s fingertips
  • Round-the-clock availability
  • Popular recipes from local, regional, and national brands, in frequent rotation
  • Safe, reliable, ultra-hygienic, contactless dining
Freebirds Takeout Station